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1. What is a drive-up unit? A drive-up unit is an outside unit that is located on the ground level of a storage facility. This provides you with the ability to directly load your belongings from your vehicle to your unit.
2. What is a roll-up door? Roll-up doors are extremely common for self-storage facilities. They allow for a maximum use of space in the unit. They are accessed similar to a garage door. You will slide a latch and then lift the door upwards.
3. What are the differences between indoor and outdoor units? An indoor unit is located within the property. You will be required to go inside the facility to access your unit and possibly to a different floor. You will have to carry your belongings to the indoor unit. An outdoor unit is on the ground floor of the property and can have a vehicle driven right up to the entrance.
4. Should I worry about flooding in the area? Serious flooding has happened several times over the past 10 years. X-tra Storage is the only comparable storage facility outside of the floodplain.
5. What should I do if I lost the key to my cylinder lock? You should contact the property manager directly to let them know. We will discuss what can be done.
6. Do you offer services for both residential and commercial customers? We do offer units for both residential and commercial customers.
7. What types of security do you use? Our facility is gated and fenced. We have 24-7 monitored video surveillance. Protecting your belongings is very important to X-tra Storage.
8. What happens if I make my payment late? Your monthly rent is due on the same day each month (the anniversary date of the rental). X-tra Storage provides a five day grace period before charging a late fee. Late fees cannot be waived and the full balance must be paid immediately to avoid foreclosure. Payment must be made in full. Until your account is fully paid, access may be denied, your gate code access may be removed and your unit may be over-locked.
9. Do I get a lock when I rent a unit? We provide a free cylinder lock for all units.
10. Can I change the size of my storage unit after I have already moved in? You can change the size of your storage unit if that size is currently available. Please contact the manager to assist you with the transition.
11. Is my initial rental price guaranteed for as long as I rent my storage unit? In order to maintain a clean, safe, and secure facility, we may need to raise your original rental price. We will let you know in advance if the price will be changing.
12. Do you provide an automatic payment program? Yes. When you make a reservation with us, you will be able to enter a credit card or ACH through either a checking or savings account. You can choose whether or not you would like to have automatic payments on that page, or later by contacting our office for instructions.
13. What are the lease terms? Our units can be rented on a month-to-month basis or for longer periods of time. We offer two weeks free with a 6-month rental and one month free with a 12-month rental.

Rent is due each month on the anniversary of your rental start date. We offer many payment options, including the ability to pre-pay for up to twelve months of rent. Move in costs are First Month’s rent plus a $25 administration fee. When you no longer require a self-storage unit, we require 10 days written notice before the end of the current rent cycle.

We offer two weeks free with a 6-month rental and one month free with a 12-month rental. We also offer a 10% Senior and Military Discount.

What is your Refund Policy
We at X-tra Storage, Inc. recognize that our relationships with current and prospective customers are based on integrity and trust. In the event a customer electronically overpays an outstanding obligation to X-tra Storage, Inc., the over-payment will be immediately refunded or applied against the next month’s bill, at the customer’s request.